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Happy Customers

Sharanya Misra
Delhi, India

Thank you for the webinar. I attended with my husband. It was so helpful, and we actually spoke openly for the first time “why do we want a child, are we truly ready”.

Kritika Upadhyaya
Delhi, India

Just wanted to thank you and your team for the Fertility workshop. Actually not just the sessions itself but also the whole process was very smooth and supportive. Thank you ❀️

Trina Dey
Lucknow, India

The Webinar was quite amazing. I especially loved Huda- it was a relief not to hear a Nutritionist harp on about “weight loss” but actually talk about hormones. Best of luck πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Bangalore, India

The Fertility Gameplan along with the Consultations is truly helpful. Because it’s helping me & my husband track our progress. It has made this emotional journey very systematic. Thank you.

Geetika Sharma
Pune, India

The Fertility Gameplan was easy to understand, and very very systematic to follow. My husband and i actually made a schedule around the “5 Steps”, and have goals for every month. Dr. Bandana was awesome too!!

Ahmedabad, India

Frankly, the whole “fertility” thing has become quite triggering for me. For a long time i had started avoiding all such discussions and content. Hence, even more grateful to you guys for the clear approach around “what can be changed” v/s “what is science still unclear about”.