Akanksha View

"Far too often girls are given the message that their bodies, their lives, their femaleness must be apologised for"

"True health is only possible when we understand the unity of our minds, emotions, spirits & physical bodies"

TheaLibrary is an initiative to bring together women through two radical actions- discussing their bodies and health uninhibitedly, and reading.

The publishing space has a huge gap when it comes to addressing women’s health. Even so, several women have, over the course of so many years, written about women’s bodies, shared their experiences, helped women to heal. These books, though not popular in South Asia, have the potential to transform the ways in which women relate to their bodies. A bigger gap exists- the voices of women of colour in women’s health publishing.

With all this in mind, we are thrilled to launch TheaLibrary, an attempt to build communities of women brought together by their love for books, and a radical desire to recast women’s bodies as powerful, creative, thriving beings.

Every month, we will discuss one book that has brought paradigm shifts in our understanding of ourselves- menstruation, hormones, birth control, mental health, motherhood - all these topics, and more, will be discussed through powerful words written by women, for women. Gradually, we wish to insert South Asian perspectives in women’s health publishing.

TheaLibrary is a follow-up of the spectacular success of  #FemmeReads  during  #FemmeCon . We heard you, and we hope to bring our book club near you soon!

Let’s get together and read- performing a simple but significant act of self-care. If you’re interested in joining us, or partnering our book club, please fill out  this form


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